Eye Examination

Our eye examination, involves a thorough investigation of not only your vision, but also the co-ordination and ocular health of your eyes. We prefer to conduct the EXTENDED EYE EXAMINATION, for which there is an additional fee for those eligible for the standard NHS test, and basic private test.

The fee reflects the high quality of our resources, the extensive leading edge technology used by our optometrists (OCT scans of the back of the eye are taken and analysed during the extended examination), and the extra time required for the comprehensive procedures involved. It may also be necessary to dilate the pupils.

We are committed to the NHS, however the scope of the NHS test does not automatically include these further investigations, it only provides for a basic eye test. Consequently we do advise patients to agree to extend the scope of the NHS Sight Test to the higher standards provided by our extended eye examination.


Most children will not require the extended eye examination. Certain simple examinations (such as after a cataract operation) will still be adequately covered by the NHS sight test. Patients under active hospital treatment (e.g. for glaucoma) may not require the extended examination. Visually impaired patients seen under the local Low Vision Aid scheme may not need an extended eye examination.

If you would like more information on our eye examinations, please contact us.