Diabetic Screening

In the Compton branch we are part of the diabetic retinal screening program for patients registered with Wolverhampton GPs.

All diabetic patients receive an invitation for their annual retinal screening. At the screening the vision will be checked (using distance spectacles if worn) then drops which dilate the pupils will be instilled. These drops can take up to 45 minutes to work and you are advised not to drive for up to 6 hours afterwards. When your pupils are dilated, we take retinal photographs which are then sent off to be analysed. You will be notified by post within 6 weeks of the results.

The diabetic screening exam does not replace an eye examination. Many people opt to have their eye examination and screening on the same day.

The retinal screening photographs are just surface photographs of the central 30° of the retina. We are able to use much more sophisticated equipment to look at the back of the eye in much more detail than the basic retinal photograph. These additional tests, OCT and Optomap, offer 3 dimensional views and 180° views respectively and are not to be confused with the retinal photography.

These more sophisticated examinations are available at a charge as they are not funded by the NHS.

Please ask for more details.