Colorimetry uses coloured optical filters to alleviate symptoms of visual discomfort, which often occur in both adults and children when reading. Examples of visual discomfort can be described as movement of print and visual rivers, which negatively affects concentration levels and comprehension. This is known as visual stress.

The following symptoms indicate you may be suffering from visual stress:

  • Tired when reading
  • Letters changing size or shape
  • Halos of colour surrounding letters of words
  • Red, sore, watery eyes
  • Blurring of print
  • Patterns on print
  • Tiring easily when reading

The Intuitive Colorimeter was designed by Professor Arnold Wilkins at the British Medical Research Council in 1993.

Acknowledged world-wide as the defining colour system that can provide one hundred thousand colour combinations.

The Intuitive Colorimeter is used extensively by vision professionals in the UK and throughout the world. Under the direction of our Optometrist, we guide patients in selecting an ophthalmic tint that reduces discomfort and perceptual distortion. An examination with the Colorimeter lasts about 20 minutes and enables the effects of hue, saturation and brightness to be explored systematically and efficiently whilst the eyes remain colour adapted. With the help of Cerium software, tinted trial lenses are then combined to assess the clinical benefits of the chosen colour under conventional lighting.

The shades available enable the tint to be precisely tailored to an individual’s needs. The prescribed tint is reproduced precisely in specially designed laboratories.  Cerium tinted lenses are available at the cost of £150, or alternatively tint combination can be closely matched by one of our laboratories at cost of £80, or £40 when the person is enrolled onto our Visual Stress Treatment Programme.