Our top 3 eyewear picks for 2021

Our Top 3 Eyewear Picks For 2021

We recently expanded our range of frames to feature all new collections of stylish glasses for women...

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World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day – The Importance of Maintaining Good Eye Health

We’re proud to be supporting World Diabetes Day on the 14th November, which is held to highlight...

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Visual Stress affect Children

How Does Visual Stress Affect Children?

Kids are back at school, and after such a long break it may take them a while...

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Improving patient safety, new equipment & more

Social distancing and PPE are becoming the new norm, and you might be wondering how those will...

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How can contact lenses for children help to preserve their vision?

Short-sightedness, otherwise known as myopia, in children has doubled in the last 50 years and this number...

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