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Contact Lens Plan

Contact Lens Plan (previously ECP) £8.50 per month

Regular contact lens checks are important. Not only is the health of the anterior eye checked, but the suitability of the contact lenses is assessed with regards to the type of lens and to any subtle prescription changes.

Contact lens technology is advancing rapidly and new contact lenses are becoming available, offering superior oxygen transmission, hence improving eye health and comfort. The opportunity to discuss and trial lenses is an important aspect of continuing contact lens after-care.

The CLP also includes an annual sight test which we consider very important. Small changes in the prescription can then be incorporated into the contact lens prescription.

Benefits of the CLP:

  • Regular contact lens checks as required.
  • Emergency contact lens checks if required.
  • If prescription changes, unopened boxes maybe exchanged.
  • Emergency replacement lenses where possible supplied.
  • Annual eye examinations.

Contact Lens Plan Premium ( CLPP) £12.00 per month

Has all the CLP benefits, PLUS:

  • Extended Eye Examination
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and/ or Optomap Scans
  • Anterior/ Dry Eye Assessments
  • 15% discount off spectacles and contact lens solutions

Customised Contact Lens BUNDLE Plans are also available