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Contact Lenses

At Taylor Biddle Opticians we consider contact lens aftercare to be of the utmost importance. Not only is the health of the anterior eye checked regularly, but the suitability of the contact lenses are assessed, both with regard to the type of lens and also to any subtle prescription changes.

Contact lens technology is advancing rapidly and new contact lenses are becoming available offering superior oxygen transmission, hence improving eye health and comfort.

The opportunity to discuss and trial these lenses is an important aspect of continuing contact lens aftercare.


We recognise that contact lens pricing is very sensitive; therefore we frequently review our prices. As we consider contact lens aftercare to be essential, we are happy to price match our contact lenses for those who pay for their aftercare on our direct debit scheme.

“If cheaper prices for same lenses are available elsewhere please let us know and we will match them”.
Other advantages of Taylor Biddle supplying your lenses are that

  • We guarantee the lenses
  • We provide replacements for any ripped or damaged
  • We will exchange unopened boxes if prescriptions changed
  • We provide emergency lenses

For those who have lenses and fee on a Direct Debit each month, there is a further 50p discount.